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I created Art Naturally as a way to combine my two passions: art and the natural world. After years developing and teaching arts curriculum, I decided to create a cross-curriculum model integrating art and science. Through Art Naturally, I want to show my students many ways that art and science are connected through fun and engaging projects.

Incorporating nature and animals into art lessons not only cultivates artistic skills but also fosters a sense of wonder, appreciation for the natural world, and a lifelong love for art and nature. It's an enriching and enjoyable way to introduce children to the world of creativity and self-expression.

eco friendly

Creating environmental awareness is an important goal for this program. I strive to use the best materials that enhance the learning experience while being sensitive to the environment. 

CLASSES, Workshops, & events

School enrichment classes are geared for ages 7-12.

Group and Individual, 2-hour workshops customized to fit the needs of the group.  Project options are print making, watercolors, acrylic painting and felting.


"We love Gretchen. She is nurturing and creative. She works with kids and adults at our different levels and helps us create while learning different art techniques. She also listens to what we’re trying to do and helps us achieve our vision of art. We have learned so much from her."


Debra Tan

"Gretchen is the best art teacher my girls have ever had. She developed a whole curriculum when I home schooled my daughters that was fun, challenging, and structured while still encouraging them to think outside of the box. She appreciated their different art styles which boosted their confidence and let them blossom under her guidance."

Keri Multerer 

For a larger event, participants can create smaller projects using watercolors, printmaking, or recycled art.

"Great Art picks up where Nature ends" - Marc Chagall

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