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Art and science


Art Naturally promotes creative exploration of the world around us. Being successful in both art and science requires curiosity, open-mindedness and a willingness to experiment. Artists and Scientists make natural partners.


classes, Events & Workshops

Art Naturally enrichment classes are for the curiously creative child. Currently, classes are offered to elementary-age students in grades 1-5. Each week we will discover an animal and its environment. We will build on that knowledge and incorporate a themed art lesson using a variety of different mediums, including; watercolors, printmaking, mixed media, and more. 

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 Free Art Lesson

Creative projects that kids can do at home

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Workshops and parties


Art Naturally workshops are geared for up to 2 hours of hands-on group or individual projects. 

The themes are all nature focused and can include fiber arts, print making, canvas painting,  and glass painting 

Each workshop is customized to fit the needs of the group. Ages 12 through adult.


Community involvement


Art Naturally has partnered with Iskashitaa Refugee Network to bring art activities to refugees weekly through the Refugee Garden Art Program. This all volunteer program is provided to Tucson refugees and asylum seekers free of charge as a way to help them engage in the community, practice English language skills, and enjoy art and gardening in a safe and  welcoming environment.


"Gretchen is the best art teacher my girls have ever had. She developed a whole curriculum when I home schooled my daughters that was fun, challenging, and structured while still encouraging them to think outside of the box. She appreciated their different art styles which boosted their confidence and let them blossom under her guidance."

Keri Multerer 

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